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Le patois d'Evolène, langue toujours vivante (1997)

The commitment to quality is also one to wines of pronounced character, which means a voluntary limitation of yield per vine. We are constantly in search of innovative methods, of the true character of our terroirs, of forgotten varieties awaiting rediscovery.

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Each of our vineyard parcels receives regular, individual care, above all in the fall in order to fix the date of harvest, the pivotal moment for the future character site rencontres valais our wines. Site rencontres valais also believe that the care of our vineyards must seek the highest quality grapes while also observing the greatest respect for the environment.

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For this reason we were among the pioneers in the introduction of integrated production fifteen years ago. This method guarantees the sustainable use of chemical intervention.

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Today we remain in the vanguard of viticultural practice in harmony with the environment such as planting grass between the rows of vines. For the last five years, we have likewise maintained three estates that are cultivated according to the norms of the label Bio Suisse.

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Our wines around the world Distribution.